♪ New single of Lorena’s brand new project SOLO/LOOPS: It Was an Accident

Reviews of “It Was an Accident”

From UK’s music blog Pastel Wasteland

Belgian artist Lorena del Mar soars with textured soundscapes and ethereal melodies, in new track ‘It Was An Accident’.

Reminiscent of artists such as Kimbra and Björk in the vocalsdel Mar’s experimental harmonies and vocal samples provide a bed of nostalgic yearning […]

Truly transcendent and emotionally affecting, this is a very promising introduction to the artist[…]

From Belgian’s music blog Luminous Dash

The life story of this young woman reads like a travel story.[…]

It Was An Accident is her latest disc, floating somewhere between pop and jazz. Floating is definitely the right word for this record. It becomes a very floating tune that can best be described as an a capella crossover from The Cranberries and Death In June with a serious portion of Björk on top.[…]

[…]A second and third listen soon brings relief and lets us notice that there is still a lot of hidden beauty in this song[…]

Available in bancamp:

♪New video with colleagues from one of the Belgian music academies where Lorena teaches singing: SAMWD Zottegem, Academie Peter Benoit in Lennik and Gemeentelijke academie voor muziek Sint-Agatha-Berchem. Listen to their cover of “Stop This Flame” by Celeste


New videos LIVE at the BIMHUIS in The Netherlands with Chris Abelen Septet.

New single of Asaran Earth Trio: Coco de Primavera

New single of Asaran Earth Trio: Quando Veo Hijo Hermoso

Sammy Jankis Versión Naúfraga (live) in RNE3 

Sammy Jankis will be presenting in Spain A New Life in February 2018.

The Delegation, recorded their second CD in NY in the beginning of December 2017. To be released in 2018

♪ Songs on the Eve of Dismissal CD, with music by Chris Abelen and text by Bastiaan Geleijnse just released. You can listen to the  CD here.

Lor in Pravena, recorded their first improvised EP in NJ in April 2017. To be released in 2018.


In June 2016, the title track of Lorena’s “My Resistance is Low” was chosen Top 10 Editor’s choice and Top 10 MP3 Downloads in All About Jazz.


⭐⭐⭐⭐ for “The Delegation: Evergreen (Canceled World)” in All About Jazz review of January 4th 2017. Read more here…

The Delegation, released it’s first CD on ESP-Disk’ on the 7th of October 2016. ♫ You can listen to it here

Sammy Jankis released it’s second CD titled “A New Life” in May 2016. ♫ You can listen to it here

Lorena del Mar Quartet performed in Toulouse in the 30th anniversary of Jazz sur son 31.

Lorena del Mar‘s debut CD “My Resistance is Low” is out. Take a look of the recording day in the video below. ♫ You can buy a physical copy or download here